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3 Steps Towards Recovery

Recovery from drug addiction is possible. Treatment for drug addiction comes in many different forms, including 12-step programs, self help groups and therapeutic intervention. Recovery involves more than stopping the use of drugs; it also requires personal growth, emotional healing and lifestyle changes.

Given that you are ready to recover, it is important to assess your readiness and find the best treatment method for your individual situation.

Due to personal circumstances, timing and availability, you may choose from many different options: counseling, therapy, support groups or residential alcohol and drug rehab programs. Rehabilitation can be done at a hospital-based clinic or an outpatient setting depending on the severity of addiction and health problems. The length of treatment will vary depending on the needs of each individual.

Recovery is a process rather than an event, with setbacks as part of any new beginning. A relapse into drug use doesn't mean that all hope is gone; with help from professionals and other addicts in recovery it is possible to recover again.

Recognizing that you have a drug problem will be the first, but not the last step towards recovery.

Recovery comes in three steps:

- Confession of powerlessness over drugs and alcohol. You must recognize that you cannot control your urges or temptations to use substances by yourself; this is a lifelong battle for many people who have been using for years.

- Acceptance of help through treatment and other self-help measures. Recovery means finding the proper support to overcome your addiction.

- Courageously taking that first step towards recovery. This is willingness to seek out a methadone clinic for rehab or drug abuse rehabilitation, with family members or loved ones if possible, friends and recovery groups where you will feel safe to speak freely among others with similar experiences.

Recovery takes time and it is possible, with patience and perseverance. Each day spent in recovery gets you one more day towards your goal of living a self fulfilled life free from drugs and alcohol.

The methadone clinic is a place where people suffering from addiction can go to get methadone. The methadone clinic provides a safe, productive atmosphere to house addicts as they strive for complete recovery. Our methadone clinic offers many benefits over traditional detoxification methods. Methadone clinics offer a personalized, welcoming environment for patients who want to stop using alcohol and drugs. They also offer access to methadone pills that can help addicts fight their addiction while they are in the clinic.

If you or someone you care about has an addiction to meth or alcohol, there is help. Contact us and one of our methadone experts will help you determine the best methadone clinic type for your needs.

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